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Scenic Skaftafell Airplane Tour

Based on the weather forecast, flight conditions and many years of experience, we decide what should be today's unforgettable experience on this 15-minute air tour from Skaftafell Terminal.

On arrival at Skaftafell Terminal please check in at our reception. You will then meet up with our pilot that will go over the flight route and perform a safety briefing before the flight.

During this scenic air tour, we explore the majestic vistas surrounding the Skaftafell National Park area, home to some of Iceland‘s biggest glaciers, most prolific volcanoes and richest river deltas. Along with being one of Iceland‘s most powerful volcanoes, Öræfajökull also boasts Mt. Hvannadalshnjúkur, the highest peak in Iceland at an impressive 2110 m.

Enveloped by the Skeiðarársandur black sand beach to the south and west, with its majestic glacial riverbeds weaving abstract patterns in the sand, and Skeiðarárjökull glacier and Öræfajökull glacier volcano to the north, our departure point Skaftafell Terminal, is truly located in a paradise on earth and this tour takes you over the areas with the best conditions of the day.

When landing back at Skaftafell Terminal, we hope you got the chance to snap some nice photos and get a glimpse of the magical and diverse landscapes surrounding Skaftafell. Join us for an unforgettable flightseeing experience.


Atlantsflug reserves the right to change your chosen departure time if deemed necessary.

Please note that there is a 3 person minimum passenger requirement

Scenic Skaftafell Airplane Tour

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